2/6/2023 UNSEALED complaint.. CONNOLLY vs Deutsche Bank

Feb 2023 Connolly vs DB complaint (unsealed)

Non official transcript of 4/14/2021 2nd circuit appeal oral hearing in USA vs Connolly (1:16-cr-00370-CM)

US vs Connolly transcript of appeal oral aguments

This relates to an Ernst & Young paper on Deutsche Bank’s Libor issues. I had never seen this before. Notice that me or my co-defendants names are nowhere to be found. The German regulators’ report focuses on the Senior Executives (Anshu & his idiots) that negotiated themselves out of the April 2015 settlement with US and UK’s government.

EY Deutsche Bank Libor Audit Report

“I can’t mete out a sentence of imprisonment on Mr. Connolly, who truly – I have been through this evidence – is the least culpable person I have heard about…I’m always uncomfortable when I’m asked… to sentence the low man on the totem pole while the big guy goes free.” — Judge in my case

10/24/2019 US vs Connolly Sentencing Transcript

My 10/7/2019 BBC Articles and radio show:

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Here is the US governments latest attempts to get its two innocent Deutsche Bank scapegoats thrown in jail… Trying to over turn the judge’s judgement that we were “proxy wrongdoers” (Ie. scapegoats)… disgusting legal mumbo jumbo.

Trying to get innocent people put in jail

Let’s cut through all the bullshit. Here is a 300 word summary of why my case and my trial were a farce from start to finish. DOJ motto: Why let the facts stand in the way of a good story

Libor case summary: So simple it's pathetic

DOJ let’s target of investigation negotiate themselves out of trouble…Bravo!



Sections (4.b.ii), (7.b.ii) .. Bombshell exculpatory documents

Documents don’t lie, people do.

  Libor Rules 2008

Libor: Pristine index or steaming chocolate mess?

We are going to find out eventually who lied, who covered up, and who scaperoaded the wrong people…. the clock is ticking

BBA LIBOR Panel Notes 2005-2007

This was our Prosecutorial Misconduct brief… The judge never disagreed that any of the lies, lies under oath, false declarations or evidence suppression/fabrication happened. She ruled it was just not enough for a dismissal. My question is: If Prosecutors can do all this and case is still not dismissed, when will it ever be? Frightening. Non-sealed version is 86 pages.

US vs Connolly Prosecutorial Misconduct brief

9/11 Teethmarks on my Chopsticks excerpt

9/11 excerpt from Teethmarks book

Take your daughter to work day

Target audio sample